TACK is a Northern California design firm providing consulting services in Architecture Concepts and Environmental Graphics.  Our design process follows the same rigors as architectural design services, but with an applied methodology in budgeting and pricing at various stages in the process.  Through partnerships with Architects, Fabricators, and Installers, TACK is uniquely positioned to provide added value to a graphics program in several key ways.

At the Schematic Design phase TACK performs a Graphics Cost Analysis to ensure as we move through further design phases, the designed product will be within the desired budget.

Early in the Construction Document phase TACK routinely determines any structural, electrical, or other required detailing with the assistance of partnered fabricators.  This allows for the design team to have a clearer understanding of the necessary Architectural, Structural, or Electrical services that need to be identified and incorporated within the documentation of the various disciplines.

At the Bidding & Negotiation phase TACK can provide a quotation to furnish and install the program through our network of fabrication and installation partners.  This quotation can then either be executed by the General Contractor, or we can engage in a contract directly with ownership.

Upon completion there is invariably a need to reorder or add to a graphics program.  Our methodology is geared to the longstanding relationship and intended to address the ongoing needs of our clients.

Our expertise is reflected in the recent projects area.  We look forward to assisting you and your team with your upcoming project.

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